Monday, July 2, 2012

eGiveaway: The Richard Denney Edition! (CLOSED)

Hey Everyone,

So I am coming to you today with 
an international eBook Giveaway of 5 books by this guy right here!
All of my books that are currently available to purchase, you will win. I'm going to select 2 winners to receive  an eBook bundle of "The Immortalists", "Hillserpent Academy", "A Girl's Guide to Falling in Love with A Zombie", "A Girl's Guide to Breaking up with A Zombie", and "Mara". Also to add something awesome to this giveaway! The 2 winners will also receive a FREE eBook SNEAK PREVIEW of one of my new books. I won't say which one, you'll find out if you win... hehe. So here we go with the rules, good luck to everyone!


1. COMMENT below with a valid email address and your first name. 
2. You must be a Follower of this blog.
3. Tell me why you would like to win.
4. This is international.

JULY 22ND 2012


  1. Follower. I'd like to win because I have heard AMAZING things about MARA.

  2. Following. I'd like to win because I haven'te read any e-books besides one and I haven't read any of your books and it would be a complete pleasure.

  3. I think that this was the one place that I wasn't following you, but have now rectified that!!
    I would like to win because as much as I hate to admit it, I have not read anything you have written as yet, and I would like to set that right!!
    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

  4. Marina-
    I love to read some of your other books because I completely loved " A girls guide to falling in love with a zombie".:)
    Great give away, Richard.:)

  5. i would like to win because your awesome and i wanna read all your books!

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  7. I just discovered you on youtube and LOVE your videos. I'm intrigued to see what your brain created.