Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Spotlight #1

Hey Everyone, 

So this new meme I'll be doing is called BOOK SPOTLIGHT and I will be showcasing books that I have read that deserve far more attention than the already have. What is different about this meme is I'll only be posting the book covers with a tiny description of why I think you should pick it up. I want this to be a short post but also give you some new reads to check out, and also give a bit of my feedback. So without further ado, I present BOOK SPOTLIGHT #1!!!

[This novel is such a beautiful yet heartbreaking story
and to me it doesn't receive enough attention. If you enjoyed 
"The Lovely Bones" then definitely pick this book up soon.]

[This is one of my favorite books and Michelle is one of my
favorite authors. I don't think this book gets enough attention and
to me it's one of the best middle grade books ever written. So
if you enjoyed "The Spiderwick Chronicles" or "Harry Potter"
grab this book ASAP!]

[This book is one epic story. I loved the 
dystopian world Kate created and I think it needs way
more attention, like millions of readers need to get
this book. If you enjoy YA dystopian novels then check out
Frost very soon.]

. . .
Thanks for stopping by today! 
and I hope you enjoyed my new meme. 
Comment below if you would like to recommend
some new reads to me.


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