Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Spotlight #1

Hey Everyone, 

So this new meme I'll be doing is called BOOK SPOTLIGHT and I will be showcasing books that I have read that deserve far more attention than the already have. What is different about this meme is I'll only be posting the book covers with a tiny description of why I think you should pick it up. I want this to be a short post but also give you some new reads to check out, and also give a bit of my feedback. So without further ado, I present BOOK SPOTLIGHT #1!!!

[This novel is such a beautiful yet heartbreaking story
and to me it doesn't receive enough attention. If you enjoyed 
"The Lovely Bones" then definitely pick this book up soon.]

[This is one of my favorite books and Michelle is one of my
favorite authors. I don't think this book gets enough attention and
to me it's one of the best middle grade books ever written. So
if you enjoyed "The Spiderwick Chronicles" or "Harry Potter"
grab this book ASAP!]

[This book is one epic story. I loved the 
dystopian world Kate created and I think it needs way
more attention, like millions of readers need to get
this book. If you enjoy YA dystopian novels then check out
Frost very soon.]

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Thanks for stopping by today! 
and I hope you enjoyed my new meme. 
Comment below if you would like to recommend
some new reads to me.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift
Graveyard Shift by Chris Westwood

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now that was one awesome read!

I can't begin to describe how unique and wonderful this story is without giving spoilers. The story opens with our protagonist Ben Harvester, who meets the eccentric Mr. October in a cemetery. I loved the relationship between Ben and Mr. October because it was reminiscent of John Bellairs's Professor Childermass and Johnny Dixon, an old man and a young boy becoming friends. After Ben and Mr. October meet, they run into each other again, but this time things get a little more creepy. Soon Ben is initiated into a group who helps Ghosts.

But there is also another group that wants to use the ghosts for something sinister and Ben only has a small amount of time before they come after him. I loved the characters in this book. They came to life so wonderfully and I thoroughly enjoyed the small amounts of actions and creepiness. If you are looking for a middle grade book to give you the creeps but also take you on a fantastic adventure, pick up Graveyard Shift by Chris Westwood when it hits shelves 7/1/12. If you live in the UK you can pick it up now as Ministry of Pandemonium.

Thank you to Scholastic for sending me this for review.


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Saturday, June 16, 2012

BOOK THOUGHTS: Snow White and the Huntsman by Lily Blake!

Snow White and the Huntsman
Snow White and the Huntsman by Lily Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I did it!! I finished the book before I saw the movie at 5:00pm today.

You know what? I loved the book and the movie. Charlize Theron is a wonderful actress and she went hard as the Evil Queen "Ravenna". Chris Hemsworth *Swoon* I love him and as "Eric" he was perfect. I can't see anyone replacing him. Now onto Snow White... Snow... Oh, Snow... Kristin... Snow... WHY? To be honest I still don't think she brought anything to "Snow White". I'm sorry Twilighters but she will forever be Bella frickin Swan. I wish they would have gotten Malese Jow. She would have made a wonderful Snow White. The movie was great, I loved the score, all of the actors except for Kristin. I loved her In "The Runaways" and "Panic Room" but not as Snow White. I also heard it will be a trilogy. What??? how? and why? The movie ended and everything is well. Why two more movies? how in the fuck will they pull this shit off?? I don't get it. I honestly don't get how there will be two more movies. It's insane.

The novel is a tie-in to the motion picture. What does this mean? it means that the author Lily Blake took the script and worked it into novel form. Lily Blake! you did a spectacular job converting the script into a book. I applaud you tremendously! The book was fast paced, full of action, and I couldn't stop reading it. Why can't more authors write books like this? the character development was perfect, the story line was set, and the writing was freaking awesome. Even though this is a novelization of a movie, it has become one of my favorites of 2012. This book was 220 pages, did you hear that kiddos? 220 pages! not 500, not 900, not 1000, 220 pages. And what a bomb ass 220 paged book that was. If there are any others besides me out there reading this, take pointers from Lily's writing, she knows how to give you everything in a small amount and I hope to read one of her own books soon. This is my opinion, you may hate the book and the movie but that is all you. I enjoyed both but I loved the book more. Also, there are differences with the book and the movie. Some things are explained better in the book and there are more scenes. All thanks to the writer.

Read the book before you see the movie! :)


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