Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Switched" by Amanda Hocking!

There a lot of filling & not enough cake.

I think I will explain it better in my video BELOW.
I wanted to LOVE this book, but it took a turn for the bad.
It started out real good, and then it plummeted down in a not so good way. 
But I will check out "Wake" when it comes out in 2012. I think Amanda Hocking is a really good writer and I hope I read something else from her that I fully enjoy.
Thank you to St. Martins Griffin for sending me an ARC.


  1. LMAO, loved your review! Cracked me up! I bought this book already though.. gahhh. Aww, I might still give it a go maybe. <3

  2. I found this book to be a mixture of The Replacement and the Iron Fey series, both of which I liked. I though the twist of what the "Trylle" are was interesting enough. I enjoyed this one, but as I usually do I can see where your coming from!