Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"The Fat Girl" by Marilyn Sachs!

This was a good ass read.
These are the types of main characters we need to see more in YA fiction. Jeff is the type of character who is a dick and doesn't think he is and even in the end, he still thinks he's great. It shows the realness of people because not everyone is going to change or grow, some people stay the same and I loved that. I hate those stories where let's say a girl is a mean girl, and throughout the book she grows and she sees how she is and realizes that it's not right. BLAH!!! so cliche and annoying. Ellen (The Fat Girl) was a great character as well and I love how she grew to stand up for herself against Jeff. I need more YA contemporary ASAP!!! I'd ask everyone who loves to read YA Contemporary to pick this up.

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