Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer!

I'll give it 2 stars because it had potential. 

(if this sounds like a bashing review, it is not... I actually enjoyed some parts of this book.) 

I heard Meyer in a barnes and noble video interview say that she didn't research vampire mythology and even after the book came out, she stayed away from such things as "buffy the vampire slayer" and so on. How can you write a book about vampires and not do research??? speaking as an author I can understand the need for uniqueness in a book, but NOT doing research, in the end, makes you look dense and uneducated in story telling. I may be a self-published author, with no college education in writing, but I make an effort to give my readers a well put together story. Meyer said it herself "This was never supposed to come out." she says this a lot and makes me want to respond to her in person "then you should have kept it to yourself." no one held a gun to her head and said "we want your book, give it to us now." so using that excuse for how awful or poorly written your book is, is pure BULLSHIT. I may not be the best writer in the world- no one is, but if my book sucks or I hear people bashing it, I will say "oh well, I didn't write it for you and if it didn't please you, that is not my fault." excuses lead to bullshit and so on. 

now... to get on the actual story. 

"Bella" I want to smack you across your ivory toned face. 
Her character is a pretty much a regular character, no special qualities, other than being a bitch to guys who make an effort to be kind, but going after a dead guy who wants to kill her and mount her on his bedroom wall. She is a weak protagonist and she is NOT a HEROINE. A heroine defends themselves and has balls... Bella is... I don't know. She moves to forks to stay with her dad, who I liked and begins attending the high school, where she meets a couple of guys who turn out to "like" her, even though she's a complete bitch and doesn't talk much, or give anyone any time to like her. Bella then becomes infatuated with "Edward Cullen", a pale dickhead. Also, I don't know girls who would be okay with their boyfriend being a blood sucking vampire.. Bella's cool with it, but in reality I bet a girl would shit her pants and run... far away. She'd either eventually come to accept her boyfriend or want nothing to do with him. 

"Edward" oh how I'd like to stake you with a buffy trademarked stake. 
His character is pretty much a dick. He doesn't want anything to do with Bella (for about a week) then all of a sudden he wants her... then he doesn't.... then he does... DAFUK?! dude make up your mind! he has an asshole personality and he comes off as mentally abusive to Bella. He wants to kill her... he should have left her to get hit by a car... he wants to love her... he tells her she should stay away from him, because he's dangerous. NOW, I don't know many teen girls and even girls my age (23) would NOT pursue a guy who tells you to stay away from him, because he's dangerous... you just say "ok." then carry on with your Cullenless life. 

"Jacob" I love you. 
the only parts of this book that I enjoyed was the introduction of "Jacob Black" and the other part when he showed up. He's so cute and I just want him to keep... forever. 

Vampires in this book should not be called vampires. In Meyer's "Twilight" her vamps SPARKLE and are like cold stone(not the ice cream.) and they don't have FANGS. WTF OMFG AYFS? 

The reason I gave this book 2 stars is because they story did have potential to be better, but it was Meyer's first book and she never intended it to be a worldwide release, but it still could have been better. I will not carry on with the rest of this series, even though I am a huge Jacob fan, I will just drool over Taylor Lautner on screen. The book was okay, if you like romance and nothing else... there was action, but it was only a scene of it. 

Meyer, good job with telling your story, but I did not enjoy "Twifart". 


  1. Totally agree with you about Bella. I really, really disliked her - and Twilight. There are so many reasons why I disliked this series, but I would be here forever if I listed them. Dx

    Great review!

  2. If you like jacob, you probably won't regret reading the next book, since it's ALL Jacob since Edward decides to leave. But after that...I would understand

  3. Haha. I loved the twilight saga ONLY for Jacob. HE was the sweetest character and got the short end of the stick. NEW MOON is my favorite of the series, lol. I could've cared less for Edward. :P

  4. I enjoyed twilight. But, Bella was a little too annoying for me. I had a hard time enjoying her and Edwards Characters. But, I loved Jacob and his father.:)